Breathe life back into your leather or suede!

Don't throw away your old leather or suede. You can bring back the colour, remove stains, restore colour and make those old leather shoes, boots, jackets, furniture, and more look good as new.

Our products will revive and restore all of your favourite leathers and suedes, surpassing any other leather cream on the market, especially when you consider ease of use, drying time, and quality of results!

Leather 's an investment

When it comes to leather, it’s an investment, not an expense. And, as an investment, you don't want to be forced to replace your favourite leather goods every year or two because it’s just too costly.

When choosing premium leather or suede care products, it makes it possible to have your leather last longer. Most leather creams on the market today suffocate your leather, creating a barrier on its surface and doing more damage to your leathers or suedes.

Our products are imported from Italy, where some of the best leather and leather products come from in the world. We have made products that work with all types of leather, suede, and non-leather products. Giving you beautiful leather without even going to Italy because our product cleans, nourishes, and protects the leather.

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Urad leather conditioner can be used on leather boots, belts and so much more.

More than just leather

Developed in Italy in 1966, Urad was originally produced for the leather furniture industry. Urad contains natural Carnauba Wax which, when combined with Lanolin Oil, creates a sensational shine – every time… and in seconds!

Urad can be used on vinyl and rubber products, and it’s perfect for revitalizing handbags and accessories. A little goes a long, long way, so use Urad sparingly. For porous leathers like lamb skin, nubuck and suede, try using Tenderly leather treatment.

Tenderly softens and helps protect delicate leather clothing, gloves, furniture, and more.

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Urad and Tenderly

Our leather cream is an easy, one-application-does-it-all solution to clean, condition, protect, polish and extend the beauty and life of all your leather goods. Try yours today and bring your old leather back to life... okay, it won't be mooing or anything, but it will look damn good!

Urad Leather Cream

URAD leather cream is an easy one-application-does-it-all solution to clean, condition, protect, polish and extend the beauty and life of all your leather goods.

URAD is for all types of leather goods, whether dress shoes or boots, car interiors, saddles, leather clothing or accessories and even expensive leather furniture.

If your leather items look old, weather-worn or colour-faded, URAD cream can revive and restore all of them, surpassing any other product as to ease of use, dry time and quality of results!

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Tenderly Leather Softener

A softener that protects and gives your leather a soft touch.

Especially suitable on leather clothing such as gloves, pants and jackets, and for any color. Tenderly suits all leather that won't put up with greasy, wax-base polishes or any regular leather care product. Particularly exotic leathers, kid, and lambskin.

It will also soften cowhide and robust leather.

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  • Leather

    Do you want a leather care product that's gentle enough to use on all your leathers? Tenderly is made with lanolin, which is a natural oil that soaks into the leather where it moisturizes, softens and protects your leather from becoming dry.

  • Suede

    Revive suede with Tenderly because it's a perfect suede conditioner. Your suede becomes dry over time, and this can cause it to lose its velvety texture and gorgeous colour. Using Tenderly regularly will soak in and moisturize your suede and keep it looking like new.

  • Nubuck

    Nubuck is a popular material, and it's a beautiful material. Nubuck, like other leathers, can become dry. All you need to do is apply a little bit of Tenderly to nourish your nubuck, keep it soft, and keep your leather care routine simple.

A little more about Tenderly

If you own fine leathers like Nubuck and suede, Tenderly gently cleans and softens in one step.

It doesn’t take much Tenderly to vastly improve the condition of your expensive leathers.

Tenderly is also recommended for use as a follow-up treatment after Urad is applied to upholstery and apparel. It works… beautifully!

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